Placement Project: The Bowes Museum Online

Over the last year we have all had to adapt to a new way of life; wearing masks, limiting social interaction, and repressing the urge to hug our nearest and dearest. This is no exception for the museum and heritage sector. This 'new normal' has changed the way that people interact with heritage. In order … Continue reading Placement Project: The Bowes Museum Online

Minki’s Blog

As an MA student on the International Cultural Heritage Management (ICHM) course at Durham University, I’m exploring the emotive heritage surrounding MHC in South Korea. I would like to introduce my newly made website, Emotional Korean Heritage: This website deals with MCH in South Korea. I explore this through four representative examples: Gyeongung Yangijae, … Continue reading Minki’s Blog


Hi guys! I'm BEIXI from MA ICHM, class of 2020. This is my first post so I’m gonna introduce myself and my project!I’m studying heritage management and did tourism management in my undergraduate, based on the things I’ve learned so far, I become interested in sustainable heritage tourism. The website I made was one of … Continue reading BEIXI’S BLOG

Cities evolve, planing for change: heritage as an enabler in the case of Edinburgh.

-Written by Elena del Hoyo. It's about 5:3 in the morning and the alarm rings for 20 seconds. You wake up, have a shower and a quick coffee. At 7:15, you meet your classmates on platform number 2. The 19th of November our trip to Edinburgh began with a beautiful sunrise reflected on the cathedral's … Continue reading Cities evolve, planing for change: heritage as an enabler in the case of Edinburgh.

Celebrating Sexuality- The Aravani way

Written by Diksha After a long-fought judicial battle the Indian government in 2018 de-criminalized homosexual sexual unions. This is a milestone victory in a long battle against systemic prejudice and societal scorn against homosexuality and transgender communities. It still remains only a milestone in a battle that has a long way to go. However, in … Continue reading Celebrating Sexuality- The Aravani way